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Parallel Lines



Upgrade your facility to comply with modern safety standards. Many of the machines in use today were originally designed with safety as an afterthought.

The safety and compliance of your facility is our top priority with platforms and enclosures designed to meet the strict quality and safety requirements of today. Team up with us to design, fabricate, and deliver a safe and accessible working environment.  Design with features for Safety, Aesthetics, and Function. Leverage our decades of experience designing, building, and installing platforms for the world's largest machine tool builders.


Your employees shouldn't have to climb or leap to reach their workstation and the surface they work on should not be slick. If this sounds like your facility, we can design a solution that will literally take your safety to another level.



Industrial grade stairs for your facility from standard stepping stairs to large scale custom platforms with stairs.

One stop solution for Telescopic cover, Bellow Covers, Guideway wipers and all machine safety products and services

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